About me

Hi, I’m Sarah J. Booher. I’m so glad you made it here. We all have stories and I hope mine keep you curious to plan your next travel adventure, or at least crack a smile.

A little about me » I grew up in Seattle, Washington, USA, with family roots in Los Angeles. I attended Chapman University in California, studied in Spain, and worked in corporate advertising in Seattle and New York before taking time off to travel. This year my partner and I toured New Zealand (his home country) in a ’97 Iveco camper van we’ve nicknamed “The Beast” » for all manner of growling, gurgling and generally alarming noises he makes, especially up hills. Mostly, the eight months of van living went smoothly, except the time his brake pad fell out while driving (woops!). Next up, South East Asia.

I’m an avid traveler and firm believer that if everyone took one trip off their couch, continent, and out of their comfort zone every year, the world would be a better place.

Safe travels,
xo SJ


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