Meeting Doctress Dolittle in Borneo

“I used to like palm trees,” I thought, as I watched them whiz past our car window in a green-brown blur. “Now I can’t stand them.” We were on our third day of travel across the interior highways of Malaysian Borneo and the view still hadn’t changed. The legendary jungles and exotic Tarzan vines of... Continue Reading →


How to Plan Your New Zealand Vacation

You’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand, and now you’ve settled on the mystical land under down-under for your next vacation. You’ve carved out a full three weeks this February when you’ve heard the weather is perfect on the other side of the world—temperate summer fading into a gilded autumn, with an average 14 hours... Continue Reading →

What Instagram Doesn’t Tell You About #Vanlife

Imagine you own an old house. You gambled on charm, chose that claw-foot tub and rustic wood over new plumbing and boring, yet unblemished counter tops. Admittedly, that charismatic old-timer comes with your standard, endearing kinks: creaking floor boards, occasional water leaks, mystery smells, clanking and growling in the night. Like any old house, something... Continue Reading →

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